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Dan Boudreau
President and CEO

Dan Boudreau has devoted the last 20 years to coaching and mentoring regular folks into the captivating world of business. He authors and facilitates lively, transformative workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship, business planning, and training for trainers. He has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to become successful business owners and leaders.

Launching into his first venture in 1980 with barely enough knowledge to fill the back of a beer cap, he has embraced (and survived) the wide spectrum of business ownership, from single owner home-based enterprises to ventures employing more than 100 workers.

Dan’s top life essentials are: laughing, loving, and learning. Armed with the business planning process as a teaching tool, he empowers ordinary women and men to create the financial stability and lifestyle they dream of. He is most proud of being acknowledged and appreciated by peers and friends for his ability to bring entrepreneurial ideas to fruition with a nod towards his warm, engaging personable style.

In 2006, Dan bundled his knowledge (and bruises) into his first book, Business Plan or BUST! In writing the book, he combined his practical experience as a business owner with his expertise as a lender for an economic development agency, and tossed in his unique brand of wit. The end result: A refreshing perspective and no-nonsense style that makes the time-worn topic of business planning easy, fast and fun!

In 2009, Dan published his second book RiskBuster: Start or Grow Any Small Business Wherever You  Are, With Whatever You Have, Right Now! His mission with RiskBuster is to empower ordinary women and men to tap their entrepreneurial power to build thriving, profitable business ventures.

When Dan takes those occasional days off from navigating the business world you might find him stuffed into a floating toothpaste tube sometimes referred to as a kayak (rarely right side up), or perhaps coaxing disturbing sounds from his guitar. From botched attempts to outsmart fish in the rivers of northern British Columbia to flopping around in the waves or practicing applied inertia on just about any tropical beach… his ultimate enjoyment almost always incorporates fresh air, clean water, and sandy beaches.

You can read Dan’s practical business planning articles at his blog  www.riskbuster.com/blog.


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Britta Langin
Manager: Marketing & Website Development 

Britta Langin joined Macrolink in 2008 and is the technical web force behind the RiskBuster Business Plan Oasis. In addition to web design, Britta looks after the Macrolink Affiliate Program and Marketing. 

 She studied Marketing and Communications at Simon Fraser University and, more recently, has taken courses in marketing at CNC, including, Promotions, Consumer Behaviour and Personal Selling.

 When not at work, Britta enjoys yoga and writing, and is currently at work on her first novel.

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 RiskBuster is a Trademark of Macrolink Action Plans Inc.

Macrolink Action Plans Inc is a privately held corporation headquartered in Prince George and registered in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Macrolink provides practical, affordable business planning solutions for entrepreneurs. The vision is to be the resource of choice for entrepreneurs, ensuring customer satisfaction every time. If you have a viable business proposal, Macrolink’s business planning products and services empower you to prove your business case and create a meaningful business plan. Macrolink is owned and operated by Dan Boudreau, President and CEO.

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