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Over 100 articles written by Dan Boudreau for the small business owner. Here you’ll find articles on all topics related to starting, running and growing a business from writing a business plan, including market research and cash flow and financials to social networking and eBusiness. Browse the articles by category.

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Starting a Business

Browse and read articles related to preparing to start your business. Topics include choosing the right business opportunities and tackling business plan deal breakers. View the complete list of “Starting a Business” Articles.

Writing a Business Plan/Planning a Business

Articles on all aspects of writing a business plan. Find  articles on topics including why develop a business plan, top business plan killers, how to get ahead with your business plan, and proving your business case,  including the ever popular case study “Selling Laptops to Polar Bears.”  View the complete list of “Business Plan” Articles

Owning a Business/Self-Employment

Here you will find articles on various aspects of owning a small business including the four part series “Business Killers.” View the complete list of “Owning a Business & Self Employment” Articles.


Articles of interest to both Entrepreneurs just starting out on the journey of owning a business and seasoned business owners. You will find articles meant to inspire and motivate, the unique optimism of business owners, as well as information on getting into business partnerships and preparing to enter the world of business. View the Complete list of “Entrepreneurship Articles”

Market Research

Wading through the quagmire that is market research can be daunting. The information in these articles is designed to  get the market research part of your business plan pointed in the right direction.  Article topics include  researching a business idea, feasibility studies, gathering the data on your competitors and asking the right market research questions. View the Complete List of “Market Research” Articles

Products and Pricing

Here you will find articles for the small business owner on setting prices for your products and services. View the Complete List of “Products and Pricing” Articles

Cash Flow and Financials

Here you will find articles on various aspects of small business cash flow, from projecting in your business plan to managing the cash flow of your small business and tackling potential new business financial deal breakers. View the complete list of “Cash Flow and Financials” Articles


Tips on how and where to find money to start your business venture, and advice on  preparing you and your business plan for meeting with lenders. View the Complete List of Funding Articles

Hiring Employees and Professionals

Finished your business plan and ready to set up your small business and bring a team on board? Looking to add to your existing team? These articles contain tips, hints and insight into hiring employees and professionals for your small business such as bookkeepers, accountants and lawyers and avoiding the trap of small business owner burnout. View the Complete List “Hiring Employees and Professionals” Articles

Marketing and Advertising/Customer Service

Articles for the small business owner and those developing business plans that offer tips and advice on naming your small business, marketing your products and services and crafting your business image. View the complete list of  “Marketing and Advertising” Articles

eBusiness/Social Networking

Taking your business online? Here you will find articles related to aspects of starting and running an ebusiness and social networking for your business. View the Complete List of “eBusiness/Social Networking” Articles

Strategic Planning

Find articles related to strategic planing for your small business, including writing a businesses vision and defragging your small business. View the Complete List of  “Strategic Planning” Articles

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