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Business Plan or BUST! Book Review by

This is a very down-to-earth, easy-to-read, “practical” handbook that will reward you richly – far beyond the price you pay. The handbook is worth its weight in gold. In fact, for real entrepreneurs, it’s worth even more. There are many books on business plans and planning – but this one stands out on many counts as our reviewers discovered.

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Wow! 5-Star Book Review by ForeWord Magazine

“This book and its ancillary tools primarily target Canadians and Americans who are considering launching small service-industry businesses. Focused but lively, complete but comprehensible, Business Plan or Bust! is exactly the right prescription for people with a great concept and little idea of how to proceed. An excellent value.”
–Todd Mercer

ForeWord Magazine CLARION Book Reviews (Five Stars ☼☼☼☼☼)
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Brandt Smith, Owner,

I was surprised at how thorough a job Dan Boudreau did with his book. It was 400 pages of crafting a business plan. The end result is an in depth 25 page business plan that is more than adequate for any company. The other thing that impressed me was that Dan included a fast track business plan. This 7 page document is perfect for most entrepreneurs.

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Business Plan or BUST! Book Review by Cash Miller

Recently Dan Boudreau was one of the authors we feature on held a book promotion for his book Business Plan or Bust! As I happen to own a copy of his wonderful book I thought it was about time I told everyone my thoughts on it. For starters I have to say that this is a book every entrepreneur should keep on their desk.

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