Business Owners Go the Extra Mile

When it comes to starting or growing your business, the “extra mile” can be the difference between success and failure. Business owners are often compelled to do important tasks after the regular workday and beyond the realm of normal energy outputs and expectations.

A few years ago, my business grew to a point where it needed a catalogue. I mulled this over for a few weeks, the idea perking in my mind. I was working long hours and too many days each week. There didn’t seem to be any extra time to do the job or enough money to pay someone else to do it.

After a period of contemplation I decided the only way the job would be done was if I did it myself during those few hours I’d been cheerfully squandering on sleep. One evening I headed home, with a few catalogue ideas flopping around in my mind, and fired up my computer. After a couple late nights and early morning stints I had three-pound bags under my eyes and a draft of copy of a new catalogue.

I had gone the extra mile to pull off a critical, seemingly impossible job. And the business grew as a result of my effort.

I have seen the extra mile at work many times in my business and in others’ businesses. Anytime you see a remarkable business achievement, some individual or group has probably burned the midnight oil to make it happen.

Do you have a project in front of you that appears too large? Here are some important points to consider:

* Most projects look smaller once we take the time to clarify exactly what is needed.

* We can usually achieve more than we think we can; it’s a choice.

* There is always enough time and energy to get the truly important things done.

You can apply the extra mile to different aspects of your daily business life. Imagine how your business might look if you applied the extra mile to any of the following areas:

1. Starting a business.

2. Serving your customers.

3. Organizing a team to complete a project.

4. Marketing your products and services.

5. Introducing new product or services.

6. Continuous innovation.

7. Writing your business plan.

Many great achievements take place over and above the regular workday. There is always enough time for miracles; it’s a matter of identifying the need, developing a plan, and taking action.


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