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Dear Creative Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have fueled economies with their energy since the beginning of time.

Humble tailors taking care of business in feudal times had similar challenges to the home-based website designers of today. Whether using a barter system or the currency of the day, tailors had to buy or create tools, get raw materials, and sell products and services. They had to pay bills, market goods, negotiate prices, fend off marauding rent seekers, clean the shop, and take out the garbage. And like the website designer, they somehow managed to outsmart competitors, and sell enough services to feed, cloth, and shelter themselves and their families.

As an entrepreneur, you are a worker bee with a vision. You are motivated to solve problems, to serve others, and to make a difference. You need to be productive and you love to win. You pull miracles out of nothingness in the quiet of night while others sleep. You are a conduit for the raw energy that binds all people together. You help to feed, cloth, shelter and nurture the people around you.

You may work with a team or by yourself; you might work full-time, part-time or double-time. You might be a carpenter, a doctor, a house cleaner, a teacher, an artist, a mechanic or an inventor. Whatever the nature of your business, your work makes the lives of others better in some way. You take pride in your work and in doing so, you set yourself apart from those without vision. You are responsible for your actions and accountable for the outcomes. You continually make improvements because you are passionate about your work and you care about yourself and those you serve. Your vision elevates you above the masses of workers who simply toil to survive. Your vision includes aspirations beyond survival, perhaps abundance, enriched life style and autonomy. Whatever you do, you will make a positive difference in the world around you.

If you’re working at something you love to do, you might do it even if nobody paid you for your efforts. As one of my favourite techies once said, “If the truth be known, you really wouldn’t have to pay us money to do your IT; we would actually work for free as long as you provide us with bandwidth…”

I want my carpenter to love building and be passionate about working with wood.

I want my doctor to love people and to be passionate about my well being.

I want my house cleaner to love cleaning and be passionate about eradicating dust.

I want my teacher to love me and be passionate about his topic and teaching.

I want my artist to love to write or paint or play and to be passionate about the message.

I want my mechanic to love the sound of a well tuned engine and be passionate about safety.

I want my inventor to love solving problems and be passionate about innovating.

Entrepreneurship is not about the money. It’s about exercising one’s right to be creative, to solve problems, to serve customers and to make the world a better place. Do what you love to do and the money will follow.

Do you realize how powerful you are? Can you see the impact you have on the world around you? Does your vision include making a difference to your community, to your family, to your world?

eZine Search Reveals Black Hole

One of the most agravating aspects of the business planning process is the black hole. As I hope we do a lot to eliminate black holes for our customers, I’m always amused when I discover ones I’ve created myself. So here goes…  Last week while coaching a business planning group, Jerry asked the following question “How do I find free ezines to help me self-educate about my business?” I realized then that my simple (I thought) recommendation to “use free ezines to self-educate” was in fact generating one of the dreaded “black holes,” which usually means further explanation needed.

There are millions of ezines available via the Internet today, most of them free. It is easier than most people think to locate ezines. You are just a couple clicks away as you read this blog.

For example, suppose you are starting a dog training business and you wish to become more knowledgeable about the dog training business and the industry.

We suggest beginning your search at with simple keyword search. For this example, we’ve chosen to use dog training business ezine, but you can apply a similar string of words for your own business or industry category.

For us the top ranking link was to an ezine article at To a probing mind, there’s a great deal to be learned from this page.

• The article itself offers information on starting a dog training business. The article might lead us to a dog training business ezine.

• A glance at the resource box (author’s link at the bottom of the article) tells us the author of the article and links to the authors website. A search of the author’s website might bring other dog training articles or links to ezines. At a minimum, if you happen to be a mom working from home, this link might be useful.

• The article lives at which is one of the oldest and most successful ezine websites on the web. Further searches of the EzineArticles website is sure to bring all kinds of dog training articles and links.

• The ads by Google link to several other articles and websites pertaining to the dog training business and industry. These ads are placed by entrepreneurs who are in business and obviously serious about marketing their products and services in the dog training business and industry. Many of them most likely publish ezines for both marketing and customer service purposes. Although the ‘ads’ scenario changes, at this viewing we count 5 ads/links at the top of the page, 8 ads to the right of the article, and another 11 ads in the left side panel.

• Toward the bottom of the page are a number of links to other potential articles – the “Other Related Articles” category appears particularly relevant to the dog training business.

Hitting the back button takes us back to the Google search results, where the first page shows links to Free Dog Training Video Newsletter and Waggin’ Tails Ezine, either one of which might be the publication you need to learn more about your business or industry. At a minimum, they will enable you to peek into your competitor’s world and learn how he or she is doing things.

Another search to try is dog training business newsletter. Search engines have made it easy to find information. You are never more than a few clicks away from whatever information you need to succeed!

Happy learning!

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