Silos Lead to Learning

It’s almost a year since we published and launched RiskBuster… and then went underground to build the supporting membership website. Only a few people know how busy we’ve been behind the scenes; to the onlooker, it might seem like we dropped off the planet. We’re still here and it’s been a fast, busy year, and most of it has been devoted to assimilating and incorporating new silos…

We’re excited about the upcoming launch of the new membership website, the RiskBuster Business Planning Oasis. No date set yet, but we will announce it soon.

It’s been a year of learning for us. First, we have pulled together a number key elements of the membership website infrastructure. We’ve largely switched over to our Business Plan Oasis site and uploaded the 99 steps of the Business Planner’s RoadMap. We’ve created and installed a SpringBoard for each step, with links to tutorials, FAQ’s, Worksheets and relevant Links. We created the RiskBuster Daily Business Plan Tips and the Introduction to the Business Plan: 8 Day eCourse.  In November we will resume publishing the RiskBuster Oasis Insider Bi-Weekly Newsletter.

During the spring of this year, we piloted the first delivery of Business Plan Development Skills for Coaches and Facilitators, and next month we will provide it for a second group. The workshop is for anyone who coaches or facilitates business planning for others, consultants, business advisors, etc. The package includes 12 hours of workshop time, all of the key elements of the RiskBuster System and a one-year membership to the RiskBuster Business Plan Oasis for each participant.

A part of our learning curve over the past few months has been the set-up and filming of the tutorials to support each step of the Business Planner’s RoadMap. This entails cozying up to Camtasia, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, a new camcorder and a few other links and trinkets.

Which brings me back to silos. Every component mentioned in this article is a silo of information that takes a chunk of our time and energy to master. It seems we have invested a whack of time learning about each silo within our infrastructure, with lot more time thrown in to figure out how each silo integrates with all of the others. For example, introduction of Camtasia (which is amazing!) has implications for our marketing, our tutorial development,  and even how we create workshops.

Are you grappling with silos in your business? If so, we’d love to hear about them and how you’re dealing with the ongoing learning.

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