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Setting Prices for Products and Services

Q: How do I know what my time is worth and how do I charge accordingly?

This is question I am often asked by new and aspiring business owners as they work their way through the writing of their business plan.

The matter of determining what to charge for your time is a personal one. Start-ups sometimes make one of two mistakes in this area: charging too much or not charging enough. The antidote for undercharging is to run a complete set of financial pro formas to ensure that your rates are sufficient to pay the operating expenses and be profitable. The way to ward off both under- and overcharging is to research your competition, with attention to the rates they charge for similar services. With this in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind when setting your hourly rates (list is adapted from the Online Business Planner’s RoadMap Step 44: Present Prices and Pricing Strategy).

How price sensitive are your customers? If price is a major purchasing consideration for your customers, you’ll have to toe the line. If price is less important than other factors (quality, speed of delivery, brand, etc.), you might have more latitude . . .Continue reading Setting Prices for Products and Services