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Join us for the Business Planning Online Workshop

Access Powerful “Hands-on” Training, Research Your Business Idea and Write Your Business Plan!

Join the RiskBuster Team for the Business Planning Online Workshop. Master business planning and market research skills and techniques so you can confidently start or grow your business! Use your business planning skills to develop a business plan you can use to start a business, grow an existing business, attract investors or leverage funding. You will learn how to research competitors, complete market research, develop the basis of a marketing plan and create one or more 3-year financial projections.

You’ve heard it said that four out of five new businesses fail in their infancy. That’s a scary statement. We think it’s misleading. We think it should go like this – four out of five businesses that fail to plan fail.

The top value of the Business Planning 2012 Online Workshop is that you become the expert for your business by building your own business plan. Working your way through a business plan gets you grounded in your business and takes you to opening day with confidence. The business plan removes much of the guesswork, freeing up your energy to focus on serving customers and making money.

In 30 years of owning businesses and coaching others to start businesses, I have learned that there are five essential keys launching any business: Continue reading Join us for the Business Planning Online Workshop

A Self Employment Checklist

Entrepreneurship has always been a key driver for job creation in our marketplace, and small businesses will continue to generate the lion’s share of new jobs in the future.

When it comes to job creation, there’s no playground quite as exciting or readily available for new entrants than the world of self-employment. While stepping into business is not for the weak or weary, it holds great promise for anyone with skills to market and a modicum of get-up-and-go.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you consider joining the ranks of the self-employed. Continue reading A Self Employment Checklist

Lots of Money for Viable Business Proposals

At times I hear entrepreneurs say they can’t find money to start or grow their businesses. I don’t buy it. There is always money available for great business ideas.

Of course, there are a number of reasons why investors might shy away from your golden opportunity, making funding appear scarce.

If you’re having trouble landing the funds to kick-start your next mousetrap, consider the following possibilities. Continue reading Lots of Money for Viable Business Proposals

Myths about Owning a Business

Successful business owners make running a business look easy. Observing from the outside, it’s easy to imagine that they harvest massive rewards with little or no effort. That is just one of many misconceptions about owning your own business. Here are a few more:

1. A Business Is a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.
It’s more accurate to say that most “overnight successes” take at least 25 years of hard labour. An entrepreneur is a twisted individual who will work 15-hour days at minimum wage to avoid taking a real day job at $20 per hour.

2. You Need a Lot of Money to Start a Business.
Some businesses do have a high start-up price tag, many do not. If you are a tradesperson who owns all the necessary tools to work for someone else, you might already have most of what you need to start your own business. Many people start small enterprises by investing a lot of sweat equity and little or no cash. Continue reading Myths about Owning a Business