By Dan Boudreau

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10 Writing Tips for Wide-Eyed Business Planner’s

When you are ready to sit down and write, just do it. Choose a method that works for you and a time when you will be left alone without distractions.

The business plan is arranged into a number of small, manageable writing tasks. The following suggestions apply to any of the many steps that include written outputs as well as to the entire business plan.

With any text element of your business plan, the first step is to write your rough draft, concentrating on your ideas and all the information you need to include. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling or any form of editing in the rough draft, you can polish and refine during the revision process. This first draft is not the place to be concerned with perfection.

Read the following list of suggestions prior to writing your business plan. You might also consider copying this list and hanging it in a visible location wherever you will do your writing.

Write in the third person Write about your business and yourself as though they are separate entities. Rather than stating “I / we expect to bring in $24,000 in sales…” you might write “The business will achieve $24,000 . . .Continue reading 10 Writing Tips for Wide-Eyed Business Planner’s