Getting Started with Financial Forecasting

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What is the Biz4Caster?

The Biz4Caster is a financial forecasting tool designed to make your business planning easy. Forecasting is the process of estimating in advance how much money might enter and exit your business. The key is to do enough research to enable you to make your best educated guesses in order that you can have confidence in your forecasts and your business plan.

Created for use with Microsoft Excel, Biz4Caster is made up of a series of twenty integrated worksheets, including:

Introduction, Springboard, Assumptions, Loan Calculator, Owner’s Drawings, Price Generator, Sales Forecast, Market Share Calculator, Cost of Goods Sold, Labour Projections, Cash Flow Forecast, Start-up Expenses, Use & Source of Funds, Bizplan Summaries 1, Bizplan Summaries 2, Cashflow Copy Sheet, Projected Income Statement, Pro Forma Balance Sheet, Ratios and Personal Net Worth Statement.

This forecasting tool gives you the opportunity to convert your market research efforts to meaningful numbers before presenting your business plan to a lender or investor and before taking any risks with your business investment.

How can the Biz4Caster help you?

  1. It will make the financial section of your business plan enjoyable and simple.
  2. It will enable you to efficiently build and test different financial scenarios for your business.
  3. It will reveal, in black and white, whether your financial case will earn you money and make a profit.
  4. The Biz4Caster will transform your business planning experience into a safe and fun learning adventure while saving you time, money and energy.

Where do I get it?

The Biz4Caster is included as part of the Business Planner Download and on the Business Planner CD. The Business Planner Download is free with your membership to the RiskBuster Busineess Plan Oasis or with purchase of the RiskBuster business planning book. The CD is included as part of the workshop materials for all of Dan Boudreau’s businesss planning bootcamps.

Already Have the Biz4Caster? Get Started!

Get started with your business plan financials now! We’ve put together a series of tutorials to help you use the Biz4Caster.

Start a New Financial Forecast
Start a New Financial Forecast. The process for getting a new financial forecast started from the RiskBuster Business Planner main menu.

Copying Tables
Once you’ve projected your financials using the Biz4Caster you will need to copy your financial tables from your spreadsheet into your business plan document.

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