What’s New At The RiskBuster Business Plan Oasis?

Here are a few new developments at the Business Plan Oasis for your consideration.

  1. The blog has moved to the its new home The blog has lived at the home page while we jossle things into place at the Oasis. You may want to bookmark it or click on the RSS feed link in the upper right sidepanel to receive our updates.
  2. A dynamic new home page is under construction at RiskBuster.com. Very soon we plan to have some compelling flash and a warm welcoming video to greet visitors.
  3. We’re proud to announce the launch of the Business Plan Forum at the Oasis. One thread is for registered member Coaches only; all others are open to the world. We hope you’ll visit and ask your questions, collaborate with other business planners and contribute wherever you can to help others. We’ve started with a number of small and micro business categories, including Entrepreneurship, Owning a Business, Marketing and Advertising, eBusiness, Products and Pricing, Cash Flow and Financials, Self-Employment, Business Planning, Starting a Business, Funding and Financing, and Market Research. We look forward to your comments.

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