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Business Plan or BUST! Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Press Release Nov. 24, 2008

In less than 24 hours Dan Boudreau’s book, Business Plan or BUST!, skyrocketed from a sales rank of #5,208,502 all the way to the best seller list at

Prince George, British Columbia (PRWEB) November 24, 2008 – Dan Boudreau, Author of Business Plan or BUST! believes in miracles today! He also believes in perseverance, hard work and sticking to a plan.

On November 17, 2008, Dan’s book held the unflattering sales rank of #5,208,502 on This meant that more than 5 million books were out performing his book at

Less than twenty-four hours later, Business Plan or BUST! occupied a different position at Amazon, as Dan’s book shot upward to the best seller list in all 3 of the categories it’s listed in:

#2 in Business Plans

#4 in Home Based

#37 in Entrepreneurship

“After publishing, it became clear that the book wasn’t about to market itself and that nobody else, including Oprah, was going to promote it for me.” Boudreau said.

It can be costly and time consuming for an unknown, self-published author to get a new book into bookstores. The competition for space on the shelves is fierce, and bookstores need to stock the best and fastest selling books.

Boudreau refers to this “absence of uptake” on the part of bookstore owners as “a serious speed bump” for new authors. And it makes sense. The marketing of new books by unknown authors is risky and for the most part, unprofitable. Besides, says Boudreau, “The responsibility for marketing a self-published book clearly lies with the author.”

So he turned to what he calls the ultimate marketing tool – the Internet. He studied successful authors to determine what’s really working.

Boudreau learned about a marketing technique called the “e-blast” that appeared to be working for best selling authors like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Vitale and Jack Canfield. An e-blast involves the engagement of several opt-in list managers to help by getting a message to their list members on a specific campaign day, and to get each of those managers to contribute a special bonus gift for the occasion.

To learn how to organize an e-blast, he enrolled in the Best Seller Mentoring Teleseminar offered by authors Peggy McColl (Your Destiny Switch) and Randy Gilbert (Success Bound).

Boudreau says, “This campaign was successful because of the efforts of many people, who helped to organize the event, the partners who mailed to their lists, and many friends and family who helped to get the word out.

“As well as achieving best seller status and selling books,” says Boudreau, “the biggest benefit of all has been the relationships we’ve built with savvy list managers throughout Canada, USA, and the UK.

Randy Gilbert, Best Selling Author of Success Bound, says “Everybody wins with the Best Seller Mentoring strategy. The author wins by selling books and gaining profile. The list managers win by attracting potential customers, and the customers get an amazing selection of bonus gifts with each purchase of the author’s book.”

Boudreau is already planning an e-blast to launch his next book, RiskBuster, which will be published early in 2009.

To see the Business Plan or BUST! Best Seller Book campaign in action, visit

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Five Things That Can Thwart Your Eblast

Recently we used a marketing technique called the “eblast” to launch my new book, RiskBuster. Within a few hours the book made #1 in the Home Based Business category and the best seller list in three categories both on and on What most authors might find interesting about this fact is that it wasn’t an accident; it was a planned effort and it wasn’t expensive to do.

An eblast is the act of partnering with opt-in list managers who agree to email their subscribers on a pre-arranged campaign timeline, usually 24 to 48 hours. List managers who participate are known as joint venture partners.

The idea is that, during the campaign period, all of the partners email their lists a warm invitation to visit a landing page or sales letter. If all goes well, the sales letter compels visitors to buy the product. This was the third time we’ve used the eblast method, with similar results in each case.

Although an eblast can bring amazing results, it’s not free to set up, and there are number of challenges that can thwart entire effort.  Here are some of the complications that can kill an eblast:

  1. A partner doesn’t send out the email invitation to his or her list. Considerable effort goes into building relationships with partners whose subscribers are potential buyers. It takes a fair bit of jostling to get the right partners to mail during the scheduled timeframe in order to build momentum and traffic. For a variety of reasons, the emails sometimes just don’t go out, which reduces the volume of emails and limits the potential for sales.
  2. Targeting the wrong lists. If the eblast is to be successful, you will need to partner with list managers whose subscribers are interested in your book or product. No number of emails will result in sales if the target recipient doesn’t need what you’re selling.
  3. Bad sales copy. All the email hits in the world are for naught if the sales copy on the landing page is uninteresting or ineffective. A well-written sales letter will catch the visitor’s interest, answer all of the main sales objections and lead the visitor to click on the “buy now” link.
  4. Broken links in the infrastructure. In our case, we wanted to drive traffic to the Amazon website to buy the book, and then return to our website and enter a confirmation number in order to receive a handsome number of bonus gifts. The website infrastructure included roughly 35 different web pages. Any broken or missing links between the pages can result in frustrated or lost customers.
  5. Technical failure. If for any reason your server or your website goes down on the day of the campaign, all your efforts are lost. Fortunately this has not happened to us, but we’ve always had technical people handy to deal with any glitches.

The good news is that all of these challenges are manageable, and the risks can be minimized.

An eblast is an Internet marketing method that should be of interest to any author attempting to sell books in today’s marketplace. I recommend the technique to authors as one part of a multi-pronged marketing strategy. The biggest win of all is the expanding global network of marketing alliances and the amazing friends we’ve made in several locations throughout the world.

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RiskBuster Launches to Amazon Best Seller List

Prince George, British Columbia (November 11, 2009) – On November 10th in just a few hours Dan Boudreau’s newly published book, RiskBuster, climbed to the Amazon Best Seller list in 3 categories.

Dan Boudreau is smiling today, now having hit the Amazon best seller list with his second book RiskBuster: Start or Grow Any Business, Wherever You Are with Whatever You Have, Right Now! Continue reading RiskBuster Launches to Amazon Best Seller List

Late Afternoon Update on the RiskBuster Eblast

It’s been a supercharged day and I thank absolutely everyone who helped to make it a huge success! Here are the Amazon numbers just after 4:00pm PST… Sales Rank: #6,637 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

#1 in Books > Business & Investing > Small Business & Entrepreneurship > Home Based
#4 in Books > Business & Investing > Small Business & Entrepreneurship > New Business Enterprises
#44 in Books > Business & Investing > Small Business & Entrepreneurship > Entrepreneurship

Amazing results – this has been a fabulous day, and it’s not done yet. We’re going to take a bit of a break from the computers and go enjoy a book launch pa