Dan’s Business Playground Nuggets

1. Abundance is all around us.

2. Ask and listen and the answers will appear.

3. Be courteous – say please and thank you.

4. Believe in people and they will continually amaze you.

5. Family and friends are gifts from God – love them openly.

6. Give and you will receive.

7. Paddle with the current, when possible.

8. When you must paddle against the current, do it with purpose.

9. Keep your eyes on the prize, not your demise.

10. Listen to your customers and they will tell you what they want.

11. Problems are always accompanied by solutions.

12. Rent seekers will find you and cling to you – be vigilant and frugal.

13. Scrimp and save your money daily, your savings will save you one day.

14. Serve customers well and they will pay you and tell their friends and return for more.

15. Taking action is more energizing than stressing about problems.

16. The more money is at stake, the more energy surrounds it.

17. Work hard and you will be rewarded.

18. Under promise and over deliver.

19. When things go badly in business, you the owner will always be blamed.

20. When things go well in business, you will sometimes get the credit.

21. Maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness and balance.

22. Most people will be friendly, but not all.

23. Loyalty is more precious and rare than money.

24. Time is more precious than money.

25. Surprisingly large projects can be completed over and above your regular workday.

26. When you get tired, problems will appear to be larger.

27. When you get tired, allow yourself to rest.

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