Burning Business Plans is Sexy LOL

Last week I was compelled to click on an article that dissed business plans… again.

Why, when the Internet is cluttered with articles that extol the benefits of writing a business plan, would I invest time reading anti-business plan rhetoric?

It is fear? Fear that some guru has figured out a way to bypass the business plan and transformed business start-up into a safe, clean, effortless experience. Not really.  Nor have I discovered any such gem—in fact, it seems to get more and more complicated to own a business, not easier.

Perhaps it’s a fascination with the idea that people are generally more easily attracted to negative news than positive. So, it rather makes sense that a headline that slags business planning would attract more reads than a positive title might. Maybe.

Perhaps I resent just a bit that people are drawn to articles telling them to take the lazy approach. It’s plain sexy to imagine that you can create the next Facebook without lifting a finger or getting your hands dirty.

Invariably, once I read the article bearing the business plan dissing title, I find it’s either a blatant marketing campaign for a slightly different product or someone advising entrepreneurs not to bother with writing a business plan. It’s easy to negate the benefit of a business plan when it’s not your investment or risk on the line.

And now, I have shamelessly used a negative title to get you to read this blog. Guilty. Oh well. If you read this, perhaps the end justified the means.

So, while you’re here and I’m shamelessly marketing, I invite you to check out the Online Business Planner’s RoadMap at http://www.riskbuster.com/online-business-planners-roadmap-description/

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