The Eve of the RiskBuster Launch

It’s 3:15pm and I’ve tweaked, twiddled, fiddled, fluffed and tweeted… the partner pages are pretty much done and the infrastructure is ready to go. Some friends are tweeting and starting to talk on Facebook. I’m getting messages telling me that the word is slowly getting out there.

In the meantime, RiskBuster is teasing me, continuing its drift in the wrong direction on Amazon – now sitting at a ranking of #2,168,747. Do you think books actually taunt authors? Guess if I’m hearing voices it might be time to get away from the laptop for a while.

I guess we’ve done all the work we can at this point; the rest of the launch is really in the hands of our amazing partners and the friends and colleagues who’ve committed to tell others…

It’s time for a walk and a workout.

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