Getting Started with The Shell

Getting Started with The Shell™ Business Plan Template

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Business Plan First Set-up Steps

New Business Plan First Set-up Steps. Once you’ve downloaded the The Shell™ Business Plan Template, these few processes will help jump start your business plan and get you on the road to writing. Need The Shell™? Get it free here

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Download the “Business Plan First Set-up Steps” Tutorial Handout


Stay Organized: Set Up Business Plan Folders

This seems simple but is key to staying organized while planning your business- no has  time to spend searching for misplaced files – Set Up A Business Plan Folder to keep your business planning files handy, organized and together.

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Download the “Set Up Business Plan Folders” Tutorial Handout



Updating The Table of Contents

One of our most asked questions!  The Table of Contents in The Shell™ takes it’s information from the formatted headers throughout the document. This simple process enables you to quickly and easily update the page numbers and any changes made to headers in your business plan document.

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Download the “Updating the Table of Contents” Tutorial Handout

Changing Your Name in the Footer

Customize The Shell™  to your business name  by changing the footer information in any page, and the changes are applied to all pages in the section or document.


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Download the “Change Your Name in the Footer” Tutorial Handout



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