Online Business Planners RoadMap Description

It’s dynamic: The Online Business Planner’s Roadmap is interactive. Get access to industry professionals including business plan coaches, economists, accountants and lawyers. Ask all your business questions and get answers.

It’s social: Plus Get access to the Active Entrepreneurs Forum. A network made up of other entrepreneurs and business owners new and seasoned. Make contacts, share your story and receive feedback.

It’s a workshop: Dan Boudreau shares exclusive insight and anecdotes fuelled by more than 30 years of owning and operating businesses and working and coaching other entrepreneurs in a series of  video tutorials that will guide you through your business planning process.

Ongoing motivation: We keep you motivated and inspired with the Business Plan Insider Ezine and email updates.

Lifetime of access: Unlimited access to the online Business Planner’s RoadMap and a member’s discount on the cost of future courses and webinars.

Get feedback: Let our staff help you navigate the RoadMap and develop your business plan. Get answers to your questions when you need them. When planning a business there are many “speedbumps” that can slow you down. It can be frustrating to be held back for wont of a simple, quick answer to a question or direction on where to find information.

Additional service as-needed. When you’re ready, you can opt to have our staff do a complete review of your business plan on a fee-for-service basis and provide you with written feedback and a one-on-one phone consultation.

One-time fee of  $47.00 includes unlimited lifetime access.


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